Tuesday, January 2, 2007

ARC Website has been archived!


The Genuine ARC website

Has been Archived Indefinitely as of – December 2006
All materials contained in this website are and have been subject to the ARC www.deathcamps.org copyright.
© ARC www.deathcamps.org 2002 - 2007 All rights are reserved.

When the original ARC Foundation International website – www.deathcamps.org was being planned in 2001, its aim was to inform the world about the Aktion Reinhard Camps and their role in the terrible tragedy that befell the Jews in Europe.

It is fair to say that this particular goal has been achieved, with much hard work and dedication. At this time we have decided to ARCHIVE the copyrighted ARC website found only here at www.deathcamps.org. All materials contained within this website are available for use as reference material and research yet remain under the ownership and copyright of ARC and it's website www.deathcamps.org.

We would advise all visitors that Counterfeit versions of the ARC www.deathcamps.org website have since appeared employing hyphenated URL’s and or some variation of the true site infringing on our copyright and hard work and meticulous effort over the years.

As the rightful owner, it is important to protect what was presented to the public. It is also important to protect copyright, for both the present and the future.

After all who can predict the future direction of any bogus website, and who would wish to?

The genuine ARC site will not be updated, modified or corrected as the key contributors have moved onto other projects. It will be archived indefinitely in the absolute state it was as of October of 2006, with only minor additions to the Main Page, News, Disclaimer, and Contact pages, which were updated to facilitate the transition to archived status. ARC reserves the right to update these supporting pages as it sees fit, however no changes to the original research material will be made.

All third party contributions and or submissions to the ARC www.deathcamps.org are the subject to the ARC copyright and handled as ARC material.

On behalf of the original and longstanding group members who achieved so much – ARC would like to personally thank them and to thank all those who visited the site.

W would also like to thank those that contributed to the site, and hope that people find it both informative and a valuable resource.

-Trustees, and Administrators of ARC www.deathcamps.org.

© ARC http://www.deathcamps.org September 30, 2002 - 2007

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Beware of counterfeit ARC websites with hyphenated URL's.