Monday, November 16, 2009

ARC publishes list of Revision sites and Holocaust Controversy Hate Blogs..

The Genuine ARC website
ARC list of banned denial sites and hate blogs:
(Sampling of some of the worst filth on the net)

These sites have been identified as Holocaust Denial or Controversy sites that offer no
value other than to promote hatred, bigotry, lies, and pseudo debate. It is definitely
worth while visiting one of these hate blogs to gain an understanding of how these
controversialists operate.


For a broader study of the Holocaust please visit:

Domain Registration & Official Copyright Information can be validated at the
WHOIS website. September 30, 2002 - 2010



Anonymous said...

Those websites are dispicable!

Each and everyone of them as disreputable as the next!

Childish blogs full of profanity and insanity. Not sure why you guys even posted a link to them?

You're giving them free publicity!


ARC said...

Thank you Esai,

The reason the Genuine ARC Team has posted these links is because we believe it’s important for those interested in the Holocaust or the events of Action Reinhard to understand the depravity that still exists today.

You can see it clearly manifested in the Hate Blogs that abound throughout the Internet.

These websites are just a small sampling of some of the most "unsavory"

We apologize to those offended by such content as that contained in these websites yet we feel it important these “kooks” be studied, then ignored.

The Genuine ARC Team

Anonymous said...

Dear ARC,

I’ve followed some of the disparaging Internet postings put forth by the controversy blogs you noted in your list, clearly these self-proclaimed “debunkers” as you refer to them are aligned with the fraudsters and counterfeiters that attempted to defame the ARC website.

It appears that your ability to shut them down on all fronts has grieved them tremendously! I can’t say that I hold much sympathy for them having read the false emails, fake internet postings, counterfeit websites, filth, slander, and obscenities they’ve promoted not only on their blogs but also throughout the Internet.

While ARC and some of the other websites they continually malign continue to be promoted as reliable resources by the BBC, CBS News, several documentary films, and are linked with the USHMM, Jewish Virtual Library, as well as a plethora of Universities and schools throughout the world, it seems a bit odd they would continue down such a path of inequity.

Some of these postings on those controversial holocaust hate blogs go back several years and continually repeat the same recurring theme over and over….

Wasn’t it Joseph Goebbels who said?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

I guess that’s the tactic they are employing here, and the old saying commonly attributed to American diplomat Benjamin Franklin applies:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different"

The bottom line is what serious individual, be they student or scholar, would take stock in such belligerent rhetoric posted anonymously on the Internet by bullies, school children, hate bloggers, neo Nazi’s and controversialists.

Thankfully from what I can tell, no one.

Gemma Tomary
Bristol, CT

ARC said...

Dear Gemma,

Great to hear from you again, your input at the ARC lecture in London was very much appreciated.

Your comments here are also well taken, thank you.

Yes ARC, and some of our associates from the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team have been slandered and attacked on forums and blogs throughout the Internet and while this is never a fun experience its basically par for the course.

Our members have been smeared online with profanity, forged emails, fake blogs, not to mention the threats of violence and harassment at our places of work, (and that’s just from the Debunkers), let alone what the Deniers and neo-Nazi’s have done…

However, despite all the threats, anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night, etc. the most disturbing aspect we have observed are the “Debunker” blogs.

These people have become very adept at promoting themselves as “fighters against nonsense” but when you read their postings, it’s hard to find anything but nonsense.

Thankfully, as you’ve noted in your post, they receive little in the way of Internet traffic and no one takes them seriously.

ARC members simply observe and report on the hate-crime activity and report it to the authorities if needed, but we still encourage people to view these sites for themselves, get a flavor for how they behave, what they say and do.

If more people did this back in 1932, the Nazi party might never have come to power.

We applaud your interest in Holocaust Remembrance and your passion to educate.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Dearest ARC Team:

Please be advised that your website and associates from The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team are under assault from the conspirators of one of the holocaust controversy blogs you refer to in the article.

These guys are pretty ingenious in the way they attempt to weave a false story through a pattern of lies and implications.

Having visited the website as well as the H.E.A.R.T website many times I have always been awed by the sheer magnitude of hard work and effort to educate people about the Holocaust that your teams have published!

I beg you not to be deterred by you great work from the slander and attacks by these nuts and Internet wacko’s that seem hell bent on destroying your good name.

I am glad to see that the counterfeit website supported by these Nazi thugs and hate bloggers was banned by these serious Internet Companies:

Way back

All respected organizations that were not swayed by the lies and slander of these blogger nuts!

I guess it’s easier to post lies and filth than the get legitimate companies and legal entities to believe their agenda of hatred against your wonderful websites.

No matter how hard they try to package their lie….
These people are fooling no one!

Joel Wilsicia

ARC said...


ARC thanks you for your comments.

What can we say about the latest rash of hate posts and lies on the Holocaust Controversy blogs?

This type of insane behavior and these despicable anonymous attacks have been aimed at ARC going back as early as 2005/2006.

The key culprits are neo-deniers masquerading as debunkers who operate these fake blogs espousing the fallibility of Holocaust revisionism [when the true intent is, and has been for years] is to try and cast doubt on the facts of the Holocaust, fuel the denier arguments, create controversy and blanket Holocaust awareness and remembrance in a shadow of strife and hatred.

I was told they even went so far as to liken their controversial attack style to the professional work of Historian and author Deborah Lippstadt… (Sigh)

[We think such an insult to Lippstadt says it all about their tactics and confirms earlier comments on how these “kooks” attempt to associate themselves with true scholars and historians]

However we’ve seen this all before, it’s been going on for years… [A standard Holocaust Denier tactic]

Find a typo on a website or document, weave a fabric of lies, create false scenarios and then attempt to explain them in long diatribes of nonsense that serves absolutely no positive purpose other than to fuel more hatred. [They do this quite well…]

Many have written and asked us why these Holocaust Controversialists have such a clear and unwavering hatred against ARC and other renowned Holocaust scholars…

In some cases it is historical; in others it’s purely psychotic.

We can say that many of these neo-denier/debunkers turned hate bloggers, have repeatedly requested to join the ARC team or applied for membership to the Holocaust Education Archive Research Team, and in all cases they were denied.

Clearly this has not sat so well with the Holocaust Controversy “nuts.”

As can be further witnessed by the online retribution and attacks via anonymous Internet postings, false spamming of Wikipedia, with links to ARC and H.E.A.R.T attempting to give the appearance of impropriety on the part of these respected organizations…

As we’ve stated earlier there have been personal attacks, online harassment, stalking, slander, and in some cases even threats to us and to our families.

Harassing email campaigns against business associates, places of work, with links to these Holocaust Controversy blogs have all been documented. [However this is another matter]

The true bottom line is this:

You can clearly follow the history of these attacks online; they are there on the blogs, searchable via Google, etc. (they span half a decade)

You can visit the ARC and H.E.A.R.T website at anytime and see what’s actually published by our teams.

You can follow the course of action by legitimate Internet organizations like Google, Yahoo, MSN,, Wikipedia, Wayback Archive, and others, to ban and block the counterfeit version of the ARC website.

These are legal legitimate corporations; they DO NOT ban or block a website based upon email anecdotes or blog postings. They follow International Laws governing copyright and slander.

The fact that they have all unequivocally banned the counterfeit version of ARC which was supported by these Holocaust Controversy kooks speaks for itself.

{The counterfeit URL was searches will show it has been banned}

This one-trick pony blog nonsense suffices to show that these lies really have no leg to stand on, and all the Hate Bloggers seek to accomplish is, as Gemma so astutely noted above, “Goebbels style propaganda of hate campaign.”

As you’ve stated so profoundly, they are fooling no one!