Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roberto Muehlenkamp banned from ARC

Roberto Muehlenkamp  has been identified as a member of a known hate-blog and has been banned from access to the ARC website, library, archives and digital resources.

Please disregard all links to ARC on blog posts authored by Roberto Muehlenkamp.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Thank god you banned that idiot Roberto Muehlenkamp! He is the third fiddle in the line of controversy spewing and hate bloggers after the nutcase Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry!

Question? Was Roberto Muehlenkamp also involved in vandalizing the ARC website? Because if he was that proves what a lunatic he is because he always posting links to Chris Webb's ARC pages whenever he contributes to online hate-blogging brawls.

- Karsten

Anonymous said...

Dearest Karsten,

I think its safe to say that all the members of the hate blog holocaustcontroversies had some involvement in the attack on

Even if they didn't play a direct role they supported the counterfeit copy with the hyphenated URL called “” that sprung up when they thought they had Chris Webb’s site destroyed.


Anonymous said...

That dude Muehlenkamp is so lame...

He bickers back and forth on forums like a bitch on heat.